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Quality types.


Quality Vison Culture that embraces a better way of life for employees while providing Quality products to Nearplustech’s Customers.

Quality Mission that ensures customer satisfaction through ongoing monitoring methods for continuous improvements for all activities and services implemented by the organization.

We are committed to meeting the precise product development and manufacturing requirements of the world’s leading medical device, life science, commercial, and electronics technologies.

Nearplustech standard quality systems ensure that components and devices meet appropriate codes. In addition, we can duplicate customer testing protocols in our facility as requested.

Our secondary services include:

  • Establish specific Quality Goals and Objectives that ensure all products are safe and effective with a high level of quality to ensure Customer Satisfaction that align with Nearplustech’s Company goals.

  • Use a QMS PDCA Approach in the development of the Quality Management System (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

  • Implement a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets FDA Regulations and ISO 13485.

  • Requirements, including adopting key Quality Principles and ensuring the development of a QMS is a cross functional effort.

  • Establish a Quality Organization with includes hiring individuals with the write skills-sets to support the business.

Exceeding the Most Rigorous Standards. Yours.

  • In addition to our standard quality processes, most of our customers have their own quality guidelines and test protocols. From impact tests, to leak tests, to Statistical Process Control (SPC), we specialize in duplicating your quality processes and tests in our facility.