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Lean management - 3 benefits of implementing lean

Lean Management Expertise

Nearplustech’s Operation Mission relies on colleague resourcefulness to ensure operating efficiencies are maintained and exceeded through continuous improvement activities.

Group of peolple in the office measure operation's performance, establish an inventory strategy.
  • Establish Key Process Indicators (KPIs) and measure Operation's performance, implementing root cause counter measure (RCCM) when gaps in KPIs are evident

  • Establish an Inventory strategy that focuses on Just In Time Material availability

Establish manufacturing process
  • Establish manufacturing process that are efficient and provide the right product and the right time VAVE (value analysis and value engineering).

At NearPlusTech we have expertise in VAVE (value analysis and value engineering). It is the process of reducing costs in any product development process by assessing the cost and availability of the product components, parts and materials, and the design and production processes.

Reducing manufacturing costs.
  • The purpose is to reduce manufacturing costs while keeping quality intact.

  • China components play a crucial role in achieving lower manufacturing costs without affecting quality.

Enable Lean and Continuous Improvement.

At NearPlusTech we partner with our customers to solve the most demanding manufacturing challenges and drive Continuous Improvement – while leveraging DMAIC, Gemba, and 5S methodologies.